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Escarpment Magazine: High Flying Gran

This area astounds me. Yes, we all love the beauty of the Lake Huron shoreline and the Escarpment with its forests, waterfalls, river, trails, wild life, ski hills, and farms. But most astounding to me is the variety of people in our community. I live on a country property in Beaver Valley. My neighbours are multi generation farmers and new Icelandic sheep farmers, young architects, photographers, landscapers, the Executive Director of Beaver Valley Outreach, a helicopter pilot, small business owner of natural skin care products, retired university professors of education and musicology now developing music and relaxing chairs that help Alzheimer patients, a wrought iron artist, a school bus driver and children of all ages. This is not a community of inactive retirees, yet I want to focus on a 97-year- old woman, Joyce Goode, who officially retired at age 80 and learned to fly small airplanes at age 85. She still flies small planes, but not solo.

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