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Another Kind of Show Dog

My malamutes can't be show dogs. And I didn't want them to be since I'm a writer, not a breeder or handler. Wolfrunner's Yukitu meets the standards except for a couple of porous teeth. Shelaskan's Ike's Hope, (Ike), would be disqualified as a 'long hair'. But on July 8th, they became another kind of show dog.

Young fashion designer, Jordan de Ruiter, inspired by the malamutes in my novel, City Wolves, asked if she could use our property and our malamutes to do a photo shoot of her summer 2013 clothes. Yukitu and Ike said YES, with much tail chasing and flying leaps. Our property, Little Creek Wolf Range has 30 acres of customized (for malamutes) invisible fencing, including creek, pond, woods and valley. So there was plenty of background for the shots. Jordan added a home made teepee.

Ike couldn't keep his eyes off the beautiful model. Normally he doesn't like to go more than paw deep in any water, but for the model, he sat down in a mucky part of the creek just to watch her on the rickety bridge. Yukitu was typically more regal and poised.

Designer Ralph Lauren, also Roots, have used Siberian Huskies in their photo shoots. Maybe the time has come for our Alaskan Malamutes!

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