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Dorris Heffron


Author of City Wolves, A Shark in the House, Rain and I, Crusty Crossed, A Nice Fire and Some Moonpennies

Piji with Dorris at Little Creek

publication of
new novel

Bear With Me

October 8th, 2024

Published by Rock's Mills Press

Don't expect a sequel to City Wolves, though it is, in an odd way. Nor is it about bears. 

Following the trail of a wildlife photographer in a marriage that becomes dangerous, the story takes you, with heart and an unusual perspective, to the oil rush city of Fort McMurray. 

It introduces you to a modern woman veterinarian whose security force is donkeys. She runs a feral dog project in Alberta. 

You get hauled by sled to camp on ice in the High Arctic when the wildlife gathers at the floe edge. Then back home to dogs and people in Ottawa, with a party that has life-changing consequences.


The trail ends with fireworks, Canadian style.  

Indigenous entrepreneur, David Bouchier, flew me with Lisa Schaldemose, over the oil sands of Fort McMurray in one of his airplanes, in 2014. 

ABOVE: At the floe edge, High Arctic.

BOTTOM: Inoculating a No Name Dog in Alberta.



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